People today think that absolute truth is dangerous. It leads to division, discrimination, even persecution of those who are different from you. That’s often true. But we can’t escape making truth claims. Even claiming there’s no absolute truth is a truth claim. So everyone’s making claims about “The Truth”, whether they’re religious or not.

Grace Valley Church is a safe place to explore the truth claims of Jesus. We welcome the curious, the convinced, the skeptical, the cynical, the bored, the broken, the religious, the irreligious, the satisfied and the seeking. We believe Jesus is the answer to life’s biggest questions and the one who satisfies our deepest longings.


The Book: The Bible is more than a record humanity’s quest for the Divine. It’s the Divine’s word to humanity. It’s a living authority that applies to every area of our lives. Through the Bible, God reveals “the Gospel”, which saves the lost and matures the saved.

The Gospel:
Jesus lived the life we should have lived and died the death we should have died. This message is the dynamic truth that shapes every facet of our lives. Living in the reality of God’s undeserved favour on us produces a joyful, humble, and generous lifestyle.

The Prayers: Only God can change us or the communities in which we live. Through prayer, we express our daily reliance on him to lead, provide, protect and empower us to follow Jesus wherever he takes us.

The Community: The Gospel completely transforms our relationship to others. We care for each other and our neighborhoods through living lives of integrity, hospitality, mercy, and justice for the common good. We also seek to fulfill Christ’s command to “remember the poor.”

The Culture: Culture is the fruit of the human quest for meaning in the world. Followers of Jesus must think deeply about how the Gospel we believe finds concrete expression in our work, our play, our homes, our institutions and our society.

The Movement: The Kingdom of God is gradually but relentlessly growing. Therefore, we will network and partner with other churches and ministries that seek the “peace of the city” through the spread of the gospel and the planting of churches.

Vision & Mission