At Grace Valley Church, we are…


We desire to understand reality from God’s perspective. Scripture reveals to us the truth about God and us, and equips us to better evaluate competing worldviews and apply timeless truth to the real issues of life.


We desire to experience God’s radical love which breaks us of our pride and self-loathing, empowers us to live honestly before God and one another, and leads us to follow Jesus whole-heartedly.


We desire to display God’s love for people of all social classes through acts of kindness. Jesus’ life on earth was one of humble service. True community is realized as his followers seek to serve their community as he did.

The primary way we accomplish this is through Engage Groups

Engage Groups are small groups of 7-12 people that meet weekly for three purposes:

Engaging Fellowship: People need people – at least, that’s what the Bible says. At Engage Groups, we share life together: the good, the bad, and everything in between. Through the timeless tradition of sharing a meal in homes, we build friendships, both old and new.

Engaging Prayer: Life can be difficult, but we can trust in God’s provision for the journey. One way he provides for us is through the prayers of his people for one another and for the world. After sharing food, Engage Groups share life and times of prayer.

Engaging the Word: Knowing Jesus requires knowing his Word. Each week, Engage Groups spend time reflecting together on the Sunday sermon, using prepared questions designed to help us apply the Scripture passage and sermon to our daily lives.



Why should I join an Engage Group?

Engage Groups are the primary way that people become involved in the life of Grace Valley Church. It’s the best way to get to know people and learn more about Jesus outside of weekly worship services.

When and where do Engage Groups meet?

Engage Groups meet on Sundays in people’s homes throughout the city. Each group sets its own meeting time, but generally they meet in late afternoon/early evening. Each group meets approximately 12 times each fall and spring. They may also meet for social and missional events as the group sees fit.

What is the size of an Engage Group?

Typically, they are between 7-12 people. We believe this is an ideal number to foster healthy relationship-building. At this number, members of the group are encouraged to invite friends, neighbours, and co-workers. If a group grows beyond this number, multiplication of the group may be necessary in the future. This will be a natural outcome of healthy growth.

What if I’m not a member?

Can I attend an Engage Group?Absolutely! In fact, you’re encouraged to join one to discover whether Grace Valley Church is the place for you to grow in your faith.

What if I’m not a Christian? Can I attend an Engage Group?

For sure! If you are curious about Christianity, an Engage Group is a great place to explore the Gospel. And if you are looking for community, you will definitely find it there!

What about my children?

Each group will decide individually how to handle the oversight of children in the group. Depending on the ages of the children, they may be included in all or some of the group time. Young children are often cared for by a sitter while parents attend their Engage Group.

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