You’ve heard Christians say “God saved me.” or “I’ve been saved”, right? Have you ever thought to yourself “Saved? From what, exactly? I don’t need to be saved, especially by any so-called God.”

But think about this. Have you ever felt totally out of control when it comes to some really crappy behavior you’ve gotten into the habit of? Maybe you just keep yelling at your kids and you don’t know why. Maybe you can’t stop gossiping at work. Maybe every time your neighbour drives by in his 2020 F250 truck you burn up with envy inside. There’s always something we’re struggling with, and the bible calls those ‘somethings’ sin. Every single human being on the planet – even the “really, really good ones'” is a slave to their own sin. And every time we give into our sin, the big ones and the little ones, it gets easier and easier to do and we are more and more out of control of it and our behavior. That’s why the bible talks about sin having literal power over us, leading us to spiritual and physical death, because it actually does have power of us and every single one of us feels it.

So what’s the solution? Stock your shelves with self-help books and try harder? Convince yourself that there is no such thing as sin, even while the seething little voice in your ear whispers that you aren’t ever, ever good enough? (And on that note, good enough for who…?) That seething little voice is satan, friends. And God, He’s made a way so that you can be free of that voice, of that spiritual death that will rot you from the inside out. Literally all He calls you to do, is believe in Him. That’s it. God saved you from an endless cycle of sin because of what He did for us, dying for us, so we could be near him for eternity, completely free from sin and pain and sickness and death and literally every disgusting thing that happens to us and within us here on earth. 

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