Luke 8:42-48

In this short but poignant story, we meet a woman who is named only by her physical illness. We meet her at her lowest and most desperate moment, a moment that could have been the most embarrassing moment of this woman’s life, but instead it turns into a moment where she is completely healed and forever changed. Her sickness would have stolen her ability to worship in public. Stolen her ability to live with anyone. Stolen her ability to touch anyone. It has ground her into the dirt so deeply and she has nothing left. Nothing except a small, tiny glimmer of hope, that simply touching the hem of this Rabbi’s garment, would bring her healing.

So she does, and He notices. So does everyone else.

And Jesus’ love and power and tenderness is poured out on this woman, His daughter, His beloved child. In front of everyone. And she is miraculously healed. And the best part of this whole story? He loves all of us in this same way, no matter how sick we are – spiritually or physically.