Megan McKendry

Music Coordinator/ Administrator

Megan was born andmegan raised in Waterdown, ON. She attended Redeemer University College where she studied music, theology, and French. After her studies, she worked for Redeemer University for two years as an Admissions Counselor. Being a teacher was always something that interested her so she attended teacher’s college the following year. She found a job teaching French and music at Milton Christian School. It was during this teaching year that Megan heard about and joined the launch team for Grace Valley Church. She is excited about the opportunity to be part of a team that’s passionate about Jesus and the gospel and is intentionally working to share what it means to have life in Christ. She also loves the town of Dundas and its awesome downtown, unique shops, and great hiking and waterfalls. She knew it was a community she wanted to invest in. After being part of the launch team for a few months, the opportunity to be the music coordinator and administrator came up. Megan knew this was a great way to use her time and gifts to serve God and others.

In November, she is getting married to Rhys McKendry who is also part of Grace Valley Church. They will be living in Dundas and can’t wait to meet their neighbours and be part of a fantastic community.

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