Text: Jonah 1:4-16

It continues to amaze me how Jesus really is in every single story in the bible. I have to admit, the story of Jonah is a hard one for me. I’m sure I’m not alone with all of my questions about that fish. I’ve done some research and it’s actually fascinating what you can find out. As an aside, I really encourage you to research the things you are confused about, you’ll be surprised with the evidence of events even as miraculous as a dude getting swallowed up by a big freaky fish.

Anyways, that’s besides my point today. My point is, Jonah offers himself as a willing sacrifice so these scary pagan seafarers don’t have to die from the sudden tempest that has risen up in the sea around them. Jonah wasn’t too fond of the journey he had been called to go on. He had literally booked it the opposite way from Nineveh where God had called him, which was how he found himself on this ship in the first place. And he certainly wasn’t fond of the polytheistic hardy lads on the boat he was on. So imagine actually saying, “guys, throw me over, it’ll calm the storm, just toss me up”. You’d really have to be obedient to God in that case! Or just super guilty, which Jonah was, since he knew he was running away from God. God was literally dragging Jonah’s obedience out of him. Can you relate?

And honestly, the fact that God required a sacrifice to calm the sea  sparked a couple of thoughts of a vengeful God in my head. Again, do the research if you struggle with that, it’ll make things clear. But what Pastor Paul mentions in his sermon is that God accepts a willing sacrifice of one for the many. Sound familiar? This story also points to the one who was willing to be sacrificed for us! Neat huh. Also, they both took naps on boats in big storms, but really that’s just an aside.

So, there you have it. Every story does whisper His name!

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-Written by Kate Tigchelaar