Note: The original livestream this was taken from cut out so this file starts a little late.

A lot of the stories in the bible can be uncomfortable. Some of them are REALLY uncomfortable, like the one we find in Genesis 22:2-18. This story has a father, Abraham, taking his beloved son up to a mountain to offer him as a sacrifice to the God who has requested this. Pretty awful sounding, isn’t it. But this story is only part of the story, of the WHOLE story of the bible.

Taken out of context, we glimpse of a God who looks like He is a bloodthirsty tyrant. But reading a bit further (and having read the preceding story), we see a God who was utilizing Abrahams faith to demonstrate what He himself was going to do to save us all from our sins. Even though Abraham did not have to sacrifice his son in the end, we do see a man who has faith even when the futures looks unimaginably horrible. And this from a guy who always had a “plan b” in his back pocket, just in case God didn’t come through on His promises to bless Abraham. We can look at this example and see that faith, no matter how weak, is putting one foot in front of the other, and trusting God, always.

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