Text: 1 Samuel 17:41-51
What are you placing your hope in? Many of us are placing our hopes in our government to do the right thing. Especially in the context of the current social and political climates in North America. We’re all looking for strong leadership, for someone to lead our countries into a solid future. But if that’s who we’re looking to for leadership, then we’ve got to stop and turn our eyes to the true leader – God. Because no matter what your political leaning is, they will fail you because they are simply human beings.

Just as the Israelites cowered in the shadow of the freakishly huge Goliath, we cower in the face of constant corruption and strife within our governments. And I think we’d like to imagine ourselves as little Davids, small but brave and fully trusting in nothing but the power of God. But truthfully, most of us are just cowering in the corners of our worldly hearts.

We know that God is in control because He tells us He is. But  we are scared and we don’t feel equipped to face the problems in our lives.  David didn’t feel equipped either, but He knew God was fully equipped. And he knew God was with him, so he stepped out in faith, trusting God was who He said He was.

Every obstacle we face in our lives is a chance to do just that. To step out in faith and trust that God will take care of the rest. David was a fully faithful (albeit flawed) hero who is an example and a foretaste of  our true hero. The hero that rescues us from judgement and eternal separation from God, Jesus Christ. Let’s fully accept and trust God’s sovereignty and power over our lives, over our governments. Let’s trust that whatever happens will be exactly how our omnipotent, faithful and loving Yahweh has ordained it to be and let that give us courage.

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-Written by Kate Tigchelaar