John 1:4-5
Myth Become Fact: Light & Life

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Why did Jesus come into this world in the first place? Because He loved us and He proved His love to us by entering into our fallen world. He couldn't stand by and watch Gods children suffer in sin and destruction. He couldn't stand by, knowing that we would have to be judged by His Holy Father and knowing that we'd never have eternal life without someone to pardon our sins. So He came to earth, bringing spiritual life to spiritually dead people.

Without the earthly presence of Jesus, the eyes of our souls would never be opened to the spiritual reality that lies beyond what we can see with our physical eyes. Through the light that Jesus shines on the darkest parts of our beings, we see the spiritual truth of our sinful condition but we also feel the warmth of His love and pardon. And we will experience His joy at our eternal reunion with Him when we pass from this earth.