Matthew 26:36-46
Man of Sorrows: Jesus Disappointed

Personally, I find this passage to be one of the saddest in the whole bible. It's so hard to think of Jesus, sobbing in the garden by Himself. Being completely repulsed by the cup of wrath** He had to take from God and yet completely willing to take it. He knew what He was about to face, He'd always known it, but up until this moment, He didn't seem too concerned about it at all. But here, in the garden, He's feeling the weight of loneliness and apprehension of what He has to do and all He needs is a friend. And His disciples, the guys He hand picked to walk with Him through thick and thin, can't even keep their exhausted eyes open for an hour with Him while He waits for His accusers to show up.

And He knew they wouldn't be able to stay awake, and while He was disappointed, He wasn't surprised. He wasn't even mad. He comforts His friends, He understands our human frailty. Instead of freaking out, He just went back to His Father, and pleaded for the cup to be taken from Him, but it couldn't be, and He knew it.

So what does this teach us? About the nature of God and His judgment, about the severity of our sin, about the relationship the Son and Father had with each other? About what friendship looks like, what it's supposed to look like and about what our relationship with Jesus looks like? Hint: we'd ALL fall asleep. And we learn that Jesus, the physical embodiment of God the Father, is the friend we all desperately need and the friend most of us don't even know we have.

**(If you're wondering about the blood and wrath and all that, check out Clearer Thinking Podcast episode #42, on Spotify)