Matthew 26:20-25, 47-56
Man of Sorrows: Jesus Betrayed

Judas Iscariot. Probably one of the most famous 'bad guys' of all time. He's one guy that is so easy to judge. I mean, who sells out the literal Son of God?

When the going was easy, Judas was all in. It was easy to follow Jesus when you flew under the radar of anyone who would make his life difficult for his beliefs. But when the pressure started mounting and disciples of Jesus started facing real scrutiny and severe persecution, Judas stepped out. Judas saw Jesus as a way to get what he wanted out of life and not someone who was worthy of worship.

Does that sound familiar? I know I can go through times where my heart is misaligned towards Jesus in this way. In this sermon on betrayal, Pastor Paul unpacks the truth of what it is to be betrayed and how Jesus responded to the betrayal of one of His best friends.

And in case you have been the victim of betrayal, be sure to check out Psalm 55 as it puts a voice to feelings of betrayal that are sometimes hard to articulate.

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