Matthew 26:57-67
Man of Sorrows: Jesus Rejected

Think about a situation where you were accused of doing things you didn't do. Big things - like terrorism or sedition. You are dragged into an illegal court that breaks not only the governing laws at the time but also the religious laws that were supposed to protect innocent people from these kinds of situations. You are accused, badly beaten, spit on and sentenced to death. That's exactly what happened to Jesus Christ on the night he was arrested.

If that were me, I'd certainly want to defend myself in any way I could. But Jesus didn't and His silence spoke volumes. Not only did His silence not dignify the charges against Him with any credibility, but it also went way deeper than that. Because sometimes guilt can make a person remain silent too, and in this case, Jesus silence was also the way that He was taking on guilt - not His own, but ours.

And boy did that ever infuriate the Pharisees. Who was this guy anyways? A guy who was just a bloodied, poor and beaten man, with nothing to say for himself, standing powerless in front of them. Or so they thought.  And to top it off, He claimed He was the Son of Man, here to judge the world. Son of Man? He claimed to be the Judge of the world (in reference to Daniel 7:13-15) and it was just complete and utter blasphemy to the ears of the Pharisees. 

What does Jesus response tell us? What does it say about God and how He chose to reveal Himself to us? Tune in this week to find out more about the utter rejection of Jesus Christ, Son of the Almighty and Eternal God.