Matthew 22:34-40
The Art of Neighbouring: Taking Jesus Seriously

We all live in a particular time, place and neighbourhood for a reason. It's not because we got a good deal on a house (insert joke on the current real estate market here), it's not because we thought it was a safe place to raise our kids or it was close to work. God ordains everything we do, and God ordained that you live next door to the people you live next door to. What's the reason for this? The reason you live where you live is so that your neighbours can have an encounter with Jesus Christ, somehow, on some level. If that makes you feel pressure or like you don't want to leave your house ever again, take comfort in the fact that Christians are to live a grace filled existence. That means, our neighbours are not "projects" or a goal to get another "good work" under our belts. Loving our neighbours with the same respect we love our own selves is literally a command from God, and one that looks very different for each of us. The Gospel of Jesus Christ fulfills this commandment perfectly, God sought our ultimate good, just as we should seek our neighbours ultimate good. God loves us - His neighbours.