1 John 1:8-2:2
Lawyer Up

If you ask most people, they would describe themselves as a generally good person. And from a worldly perspective, they may be right . But when compared to a perfect God, we all fall incredibly and tragically short of perfection.

Some people take this information and it doesn't affect them all that much - nobody can be truly perfect and making mistakes is just part of the human condition. And they are right, making mistakes IS part of the human condition. And it's called sin.
Sin keeps us from being in God's presence, which is is ultimately what every soul on earth wants - the rest and peace that comes with being with God when we die.

And some people take that information and high-tail it away from God. One of the reasons could be that they feel they can never measure up and the weight of their shame and sin is crushing and they can't even think about having a relationship with God.
It might feel "safer" to run from God, in whatever way we choose to run from Him.

But when we do this, we mistake the voice of safety for the voice of God and we are denying ourselves with peace that comes with being fully known and loved by our Creator God.

The good news of the gospel is, Jesus has advocated for us in front of a Just God so that we don't have to run from it, so that we can exist in our broken and fallen human condition and still have the hope of eternal rest and joy with God when we die. Tune into this weeks sermon and learn how and why God cannot "wink" at our sin, and why we need a perfect Judge in Heaven.