1 Samuel 17:20-58
The Once & Future King

In one of the most well known stories of the bible, we see two very different men reacting very differently to adversity and fear. First, we see David who is a godly young man who walked in the courage and strength that God had given him. And we see Saul, who hides from his fear and leans on his wealth and social status to keep in safe.

It's fairly easy to sympathize with Saul in this circumstance, I mean, don't we all have the tendency to hide in our 'things' when life gets tough? But take a look at what God calls us to do in these circumstances, and take a look at the consequences. I learned something so interesting during this sermon. If David had not listened to God and been defeated because of his fear, he would have been killed and the birth of Jesus would not have happened in the way that the Bible foretold (that Jesus lineage would be traced back to Jesse, David's father). Everything we do has consequences and we must always choose to walk in the fear of the Lord and not in the fear of man.

While it is tempting to focus on the familiar narrative of this story of a small, unlikely man defeating an enormous foe, there's so much more to this account of David, Saul and Goliath than meets the eye. Tune in this week as our intern, Keith Williams, unpacks the truths of this story and shows us what it means to truly walk by faith and not by fear. ~KT