1 Samuel 24
The Once & Future King

In this weeks sermon, Keith Williams unpacks how we are to treat those who have hurt us. It may seem like something you might have learned in Sunday School, but think about all of the many ways we come up against conflict and offense just in our every day lives. During the daily commute, at the office water cooler, with our spouses and even in the lineup at the grocery store.

It's easy to give into the desire to exact revenge, especially when it seems that the perpetrator has been delivered right into your hands. But just because there is an opportunity to 'get someone back', doesn't mean that God has put that situation in front of you so you can act on it. He put that situation in front of you so you can resist the temptation, hold your anger, and give it to Him, where it belongs.

This kind of practice builds a godly character, and increases our faith that God will always make the wrong things right.