1 Samuel 28:3-25
The Once & Future King

This week, Pastor Paul dives in to one of the most interesting stories in the bible. In 1 Samuel 28, we meet a desperate and distraught King Saul. He's so desperate, he will break his own moral code and belief system and consult a woman of the occult to help solve his problems. This story is about what happens when you are without God, and it applies to every single one of us - believers and unbelievers alike.

It's also about the reality of the spirit world, and how dangerous and real the consequences of occultic practices are. In referring to the occult, you might be imagining things that you only see in movies, but the bible strictly prohibits any practice that tries to foresee the future (think newspaper horoscopes) or tries to connect with the spirit world (ouijja boards or psychics).

Before I became a believer in Christ, I was so desperate to find direction and assurance for my life, I would turn to anything. For a time, I put a lot of stake in a $20.00 pack of 'spirit cards' that I bought from a large commercial bookstore. I used those cards to give me comfort, identity and meaning, when all along I had the God of all Creation who was lovingly guiding me towards Himself and my true identity and direction.

Just like Saul, we can all go off track when we are desperate and in despair. But just like Saul, we have all heard the advice to follow the Lord and seek Him out in all circumstances.

If you are curious about Christianity, it's your obligation to listen to those nudges inside yourself and follow them. They are from the Holy Spirit and you have all the resources you need to do the work and ask the questions and see what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. You can always reach out to us here at Grace Valley if you have questions or need someone to talk to.