2 Samuel 24:1-17

When I first read the passage this week, I actually couldn't figure out what it was that David had done wrong against the Lord. It seemed like he was just doing what kings do - count their men and rattle their sabres. But upon closer reflection, you can really see that the heart of what David is doing here isn't just counting his men, but he was counting them because he didn't trust God to do what He said He was going to do, which was protect the land.

This is so familiar to situations in my life and I would imagine it's familiar to many of yours as well. We count our retirement savings, our education, our health, and the size of our house as things that we put our hope and security in. When over and over again, God calls us to trust in Him and Him only. Of course, we are to steward our resources well. But we must always be aware that our ultimate security comes from God, and without Him, the size of our 'armies' means nothing.

As we've been looking at David's life and how his choices lead to so much destruction, it's important to notice that David's reaction to his sin isn't denial or making excuses. He falls on his knees before God and admits his idolatry. That's a sure sign of David's maturity in Christ and it is a sure sign of ours as well. The more mature we are, the faster we repent.

Listen in this week as Pastor Paul unpacks 2 Samuel 24:1-17 and maybe think about the ways that you could be putting more weight on earthly things rather than the thing God is calling you to put your hope in. What did you come up with? What can you lay at God's feet? ~KT