Luke 1:1-4

Do you ever get the feeling like every time you turn around, there is something new that people are getting outraged about? Or how about every time you turn on social media or tune into a news outlet, there are plenty of loud, opinionated people, trying to push you from one extreme to another. It's exhausting.

And the fact is, all these different influencers can leave many of us feeling captive to the latest social construct or idea, unsure of what to think or where to 'land'. And then, there's Jesus. And His Word. And here you have a Book (the Bible) that transcends social trends and popular opinion, one in which the Truth is always the same and one in which we can put our hope and confidence in. God's Word is culturally immune. That statement can feel challenging, or overwhelming or confusing to some of us. But it can also be a motivation to check our emotions and our own claims to what is true. It can be an opportunity to really start to do a deep dive into God's word, and why it can be trusted and start to unpack it so that we can tether ourselves to something solid.

Tune in this week for People Of The Book, based on Luke 1:1-4. ~KT