Romans 3:21-26

Do you ever sit down on the couch at the end of a long day, and think "what is wrong with me?" I know many of us can struggle with that question. Especially as our bodies start to relax, it seems that our minds open the door for whispers of doubt and insufficiency to creep in. We struggle with thoughts of "I'm not good enough" isn't because we didn't accomplish enough that day, we didn't love our kids well that evening, we didn't finish that project or we were rude to another driver on the way to work.

The reason we feel that pervasive doubt of our own character is that we actually aren't good enough. We actually aren't good enough, and we never will be.

How's that for a self-help book title? But it's true.

And we have to ask ourselves, what is the standard of "good enough" that we're trying to reach anyways? The standard of what makes someone good, is the Creator of all goodness: God. The only person who ever walked this earth who was good enough, was Jesus. And God loved us all so much that He made a way for us to be in His perfect and Holy goodness, and that was through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. His blood is what makes us good enough to be reunited with our Father in Heaven.

Regardless of we do or don't do, or who we think we are, we can receive this unmerited favour, this grace that is poured out on our sinful hearts every second of every day we walk with the Lord. Join us this week as Pastor Paul unpacks some real truths that are the core of our beliefs here at Grace Valley Church. If you'd like to reach out to a pastor here, connect with us through our website. We'd love to hear from you!