Luke 11:1-13

There is something in all of us that deeply desires to connect with something bigger. Something outside of ourselves and our own existence. Some people embark on a month long meditative spiritual retreat. Some people crave the anonymity and perceived transcendence of attending massive raves. Some people try and find it in a 90 minute hot yoga session.

But God offers His people something different: prayer. Prayer is a direct hotline from our mouths and spirits to God's loving and listening presence. He invites us to call Him Father. He desires our prayers so that our relationship with Him is personal and two-way. He desires us to come to Him and unload our thoughts and feelings and needs, and for us to humble and quiet our spirits to receive His voice. When we pray, we are truly and actually connecting with the Divine God. For more on the topic of prayer, listen in to Pastor Paul Vanden Brink as he unpacks what prayer looks like in the Christian faith.