Acts 1:6-9
Go Tell It On The Mountain

One of the things that can really plague a Christians conscience is doubt. It can come in many different forms, but this week, Mark Hordyk spends some time on how to move past our doubt when it comes to sharing the gospel. You might worry that you'll say the wrong thing or that the person will be offended. Or it could be that you're worried that your life doesn't look "Christian" enough to be a good witness.

But even if we had picture perfect lives and the smoothest speech, God's Holy Spirit is the only thing that's going to reach someone's soul. When I think about who I was before I became a Christian, I can 100% say that God can and will reach anyone He chooses, regardless of if you think they are willing to listen or not. Human beings are hard wired for evangelism. One of the reasons we know this is true because we see it all over social media. We post pictures of sunsets, what we had for dinner and too many pictures of our cat. We love to tell others about magical, beautiful things we experience. We love to evangelize things we care about. Sharing the gospel is simply sharing your experience with Jesus in your life. What it looks like for you and what Jesus will do for anyone who believes in Him. It doesn't have to be rehearsed and you don't need to have all the answers, you just need to let the Holy Spirit do His work. Maybe nothing will come of it.

But maybe you'll see that persons soul in heaven one day and the stumbling words and palm sweats will all be worth it. ~KT