Joshua 2:1-21

Rahab has the heart of all of the women who feel like they don't quite belong. For the women who have a past that wouldn't be safe to talk about around the dinner table, Rahab is the patron saint of outsiders. She wasn't special, she wasn't from a chosen lineage. In modern day times, she'd be the one that came to faith later in life and didn't grow up in the same church community that everyone else around her seemed to, wearing her past on her body and tucked away into her scarred heart.

But Rahab grabbed hold of the tiny bit of knowledge she did have about the God of the Israelites and she held on tight. And that's all we really need to do - grab on tight to what we know, and let God lead us the rest of the way. With humble hearts and honest conversations with God, our lives can truly be redeemed, just like Rahab's was. Tune in this week to hear Pastor Paul teach from the book of Joshua and learn a little more about this brave woman and the risks she took in faith.