Ruth 1
The Mothers of Jesus

Situated smack in the middle of two very dark chapters in the bible, lies the book of Ruth. It's a little gem of hope in the midst of 400 years of darkness and it's so much more than just a simple love story.

It's a story to remind us that no matter what we are facing, whether its the tragedy of a lost loved one or the stresses of every day life, God is working behind the scenes at every second of every day. Ruth had no idea that when she pledged her life to God, that He would honour her with having a place in the lineage of the Lord Jesus Christ. All she knew was that she was turning away from the life she had known and into a life where she was going to be a complete social outcast.

She knew that it was worth it because she knew that the God of the Israelites was the one true God and that was her new identity. Listen in this week as Pastor Paul unpacks this story as we look towards the coming weeks with Joy in our hearts. ~KT