Matthew 1:1-17
The Mothers of Jesus

At first glance, this portion of the bible looks to be a long list of unpronounceable names. But upon closer study, we notice there is a whole motley crew of people mentioned here, including a group of women whose stories wouldn't be talked about at the dinner table. But Matthew does include these women, and do you know why? Because not a single person in the lineage of our perfect Lord and Saviour was sinless. Some of them had done things that are completely abhorrent. Some of them have stories we can sympathize with, yet still makes us cringe. But Jesus doesn't cringe at them, He invites them in. And at them and He certainly doesn't cringe at you or I.

Jesus made a way for us to walk with our heads held high, in the Light of His great Love for us. He made a way for us to look at ourselves as beings that need a Saviour, not with disgust or disdain. This list of names is so much more than just a list. It points directly toward God's mercy and care for us. And if you've ever wondered why everyone else is mentioned by their first name and Uriah's wife is only mentioned by whom she was married to, listen as Pastor Paul unpacks the beautiful and intentional reason why Matthew was inspired to write this way. ~KT