Welcome to Grace Valley Church

We welcome the curious. convinced. skeptical. cynical. bored. broken. religious. irreligious. satisfied. seeking.

Clear Thinking. Deep Feeling. Humbly Serving.

People today think that absolute truth is dangerous. It leads to division, discrimination, even persecution of those who are different from you. That’s often true. But we can’t escape making truth claims. Even claiming there’s no absolute truth is a truth claim. So everyone’s making claims about “The Truth”, whether they’re religious or not.

Grace Valley Church is a safe place to explore the truth claims of Jesus. We welcome the curious, the convinced, the skeptical, the cynical, the bored, the broken, the religious, the irreligious, the satisfied and the seeking. We believe Jesus is the answer to life’s biggest questions and the one who satisfies our deepest longings.

Please join us Sunday mornings at 10 am.

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